I love to talk about design and data visualisation. Over the years, I have instructed students and professionals on data representation, geographic visualisation and visual storytelling.

Interviews and Features

  • The Visualising Data Newsletter

    May 2024 •

    Mentions a Reuters visual story on how election pollsters make sense of the numbers.

  • DataWrapper Data Vis Dispatch

    May 2023 •

    Features visualisations from a Reuters investigation on the public health risks of increasing human-bat contact.

  • DataJournalism Blog

    Dec 2021 •

    An interview about the design and development of the Reuters COVID-19 and Vaccination tracker.

  • Flowing Data

    Jun 2021 •

    Features a graphic on India’s vaccine procurement compared to other countries.

Talks and Workshops

  • Citizens for Public Leadership

    May 2024 •

    A two-day workshop on visualising data using MS Excel and DataWrapper

  • CHRIST University, Bangalore

    Feb 2024 •

    A guest lecture at the Department of Media Studies about turning numbers into compelling narratives.

  • Citizens for Public Leadership

    Dec 2023 •

    A presentation on data visualization for social impact and how to get started.

  • ProApp community workshop

    May 2023 •

    A workshop with interface designers about getting comfortable with data and making meanningful charts.

  • NewsWriters.in

    Sep 2022 •

    A session on using webscrapers to build datasets for the Data Storytelling course.

  • ADPList community session

    May 2022 •

    A community workshop on how to effectively tell stories with data visualizations.

  • Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

    Nov 2021 •

    A presentation on information design in journalism, highlighting some of my work at Reuters.

  • Inflection Point – Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

    Mar 2021 •

    A presentation at the the Product Management fest on Design Thinking and UX/UI prototyping, followed by a short prototyping contest and discussion.

In the classroom

  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore

    Jan 2024 •

    A three-week long module on geo-visualisation using QGIS, narrative cartography and interactive visual storytelling.

  • Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

    Oct 2023 •

    A two-day workshop on visualising data and storytelling.

  • Data Visualization Society

    Oct 2023 •

    1:1 Dataviz Mentorship Program.

  • National Institute of Design, Haryana

    Aug 2023 •

    A two-week long guest lecture with the Industrial Design students about a data-driven approach to system design.

  • National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

    Feb 2023 •

    A week long module with Strategic Design Management students on data visualisation and information design.

  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore

    Feb 2023 •

    A week long workshop on geo-visualisation using QGIS along with guidance on the Narrative Cartography module.

  • JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

    Sep 2022 •

    A two-week long module with undergraduate design students on data representation and visualisation.

  • National Institute of Design, Jorhat

    Apr 2022 •

    A two week long module with Communication Design students on data visualisation, information mapping and UX design.

  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore

    Mar 2022 •

    A week long workshop with Information Design students on getting started with scrollytelling and mapmaking.

Resources and Tools

  • CodeSchool: Front-end web

    Based on my own learnings, here’s a practical approach to get you started on the path of interactive storytelling on the web using Bootstrap and ai2html.

  • CodeSchool: Web Scraping

    Having ready-to-use data is cool, but what about data that is not readily downloadable from the internet? Get started with scraping information from the web using Javascript and GitHub actions.

  • Learning DataViz

    A compilation of a number of useful resources, that once lived only in my browser bookmarks, which can help you in your data visualisation journey.

  • Cartography in QGIS

    Maps are amazing! These notes are a collation of my experience and expertise which will help you make some of your own maps using QGIS and use them to visualise geographic data.

  • Print Maps

    A tool to print maps using your custom Mapbox styles, based on the project by Matthew Petroff.

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