The Warming Planet

Visualising the changing Global Temperatures on Earth over the century and associated climate change


— Maximum  


— Minimum 

Land Temperatures from 1850–2015 

Do you feel the summers are currently hotter than what it used to be ten years back? Do you think the winters are arriving later than when you thought — "Winter is Coming" ?

The last time the Global Minimum temperature on land in November went sub-zero was in the autumn of 1952 (-0.16°C). By 2015, the November temperatures rose to 2.16°C. Also, it was in December 2015, that the Global Minimum land temperature went above zero for the first time in 165 years.

Global temperatures on Earth have been on the rise over the past century as evident from the above chart. This has been a primary reason behind changes in the global climate — which have been quite drastic in the last couple of decades — making Global Climate Change a topic of serious concern for more than a decade.